Analog, Digital and VOIP Phones

Phones are an important part of every business. Make sure the phones you have are helping your relationship with your customers. We offer Analog, Digital as well as VOIP phones. Here is some additional information on each technology to help you understand them better.

Analog Phones

Analog technology has been in use for long time and even today analog technology is still by far the most widely used in the telephony industry. Digital and VOIP phones have gain market share but despite all the hype VoIP and digital communication receives, analog technology still has significant market share. For example, almost all landline phones are based on analog phone technology.

Digital Phones

Digital phone technology is based on the principle of converting voice signal into an encrypted digital signal before transmission. Once converted, this binary data is then sent as part of data packages through communication networks. On the receiving end, digital receivers decode the digital signal back to electrical pulses before playing it. Due to the digital transmission of voice signal, digital phone are less prone to network noise interference and thus provide a better voice quality.

VOIP or Voice Over IP Phones

VOIP phones take full advantage of voice and data networks while retaining the convenience and user-friendliness you expect from a business phone. VOIP phones convert voice calls into digital signals and then transmit them over an IP network, such as the Internet, instead of the traditional public switched telephone network. VOIP phones require Internet access to make calls outside the local area network (LAN) unless a compatible local private branch exchange (PBX) is available to handle calls to and from outside lines. These phones also depends on the regular power unlike regular phones that are supplied from a telephone exchange.

Not sure which phone is best for your business? Let us help find the right solution that meets your budget as well as provides time saving technology. Don’t let messages get lost or transfer your clients until they are frustrated. Ask us how we can help improve communication in your business.

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