Computer Setup and Configuration Des Moines, IA

Setting up a new desktop or laptop computer and installation including hardware, software, or other peripherals can be time consuming, overwhelming and frustrating. While most computers are shipped with how-to guide and step-by-step instructions for setup and configuration, in reality, very few people are able to understand these instructions and steps. Also, if you purchased a used computer or purchased it from a third party vendor such as ebay, you may not even have documentation and how-to guide included in your package. At Iomada Solutions, we can help installing or setting up hardware, software on your computer. Our professional and highly trained technicians can setup your computer and install software for your new printer, scanner, digital camera, and other devices. We offer on-site and remote computer technicians who can assist you with installing hardware and software programs you might have, including anti-virus software and security applications.

If you have recently purchased or are thinking about purchasing new hardware, let Iomada move all your programs and files to your new hardware. At Iomada, we make it easy to setup your computer and configure hardware and software on it. Regardless of the brand or model that you purchased, we can help. Our prices are reasonable, we respond promptly and will make sure everything is working and all files are accounted for.

Client Testimonials

Fantastic IT Support

As an IT Manager the best decision I have ever made was to hire Iomada Solutions. They have been a big help to me by troubleshooting and working on server related issues that I don’t have the time or expertise to handle.

David McDonald
Des Moines Leadership Network