IT Assessment

Every business is spending money on technology, but what are you spending money on every month? It is very easy with computers that are not properly setup to perform slowly. Slowness most commonly is the result of a lack of hardware resources. Many computers can simply add memory to their existing hardware and dramatically improve performance, others may need to be replaced. Keeping computers too long will cost money in unneeded repairs and wasted time.

For most businesses, IT infrastructure grows as they grow and over time serious IT problems such as performance gaps, redundancies, poor hardware profile, slow response emerge. A comprehensive IT assessment will help you better understand your current state of technology and prepare your organization for future needs and growth. Our highly trained consultants can help you achieve these objectives through a comprehensive analysis of the state of your business from a technology perspective. Once we understand your current and future business needs and goals, we can develop a technology plan that aligns with these and your budget.

A well-designed technology plan can help your business achieve its mission and reduce technology costs while improving efficiency. We conduct a thorough, in-depth review of all of your critical technology areas, evaluate them against best practices and provide you with a road map to better leverage your IT as a competitive advantage.

Our IT assessment analyzes an extensive set of IT functional areas, including:

  • Hardware and software review and documentation
  • Documenting network topology including design, layout and connectivity
  • Comprehensive network security review including firewall, anti-virus software, physical and wireless security
  • IT policies and guidelines including network access, administrative policies, remote access and redundancy
  • Network application including third party business and finance packages

Once IT assessment is completed, we provide an comprehensive report that presents the current state of your technology, and offers detailed recommendations for areas requiring improvement, ranked by priority. To learn more about our IT assessment service, please contact us today.

Client Testimonials

Always Focused on My Needs

Over the years we’ve developed a close relationship with Iomada Solutions and they’ve become our IT department. Friendly and patient, their consultants explain complex situations without the "geek speak".

Mark Wittmarsh
Incredible Pizza Company