Servers & Workstations

With today’s high-powered and resource-intensive applications, the right workstations and servers are essential for your enterprise to succeed. With Iomada Solutions’ lineup of custom ProClient PC’s and PowerSERV servers, you’ll never go wrong!

At Iomada, we will listen to you to find out exactly what your workstations will be used for. Only then will we design a computer with the top of the line components needed to meet your needs. We’ll also take the time to explain to you exactly what each component does and how the whole will suit your application. While most companies advertise “big chips” and cheap configurations, Iomada will show you how everything, from the speed of the processor to the amount and the type of memory to the very basis of it all, the quality of the motherboard, influences your end result.

Client Testimonials

Fantastic IT Support

As an IT Manager the best decision I have ever made was to hire Iomada Solutions. They have been a big help to me by troubleshooting and working on server related issues that I don’t have the time or expertise to handle.

David McDonald
Des Moines Leadership Network